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Dumbbells To Dollars
Congratulations! You are certified personal trainer, or you want to become one. But now what? You are here because you want to be successful. 
Here are a few questions:

Do you want to blow people away with your training program?

If a manager asked you to give them a demo workout, do you want to crush it with confidence?

Do you want to be able to start your own fitness business?

Do you want your path to earning more money as a fitness professional to be clear and defined for you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, You need this course 
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Check Out How This Course Can Help YOU!
Learn how to sell without fear

Learn how to attract clients instead of chasing them

Learn how make more money while working fewer hours
Earn CEUs to keep your certification current for:

ACE - 1.2 CEUs
 NASM - 1.2 CEUs
 NSCA - 1.3 CEUs
AFAA - 12 CEUs

Simply complete the course and get instant access to your certificate. This can be done in less than a week.

What You Will Learn With The Dumbbells To Dollars Course
System 1 - Organization
Get access to tracksheets, waivers, contracts, and templates to run your business 

System 2 - High Level Training Systems
Get access to my 8 Week syllabus and learn my system for personal or group training that requires NO machines

System 3 - Nutrition Coaching
Learn how to effectively guide your clients to a healthier eating regimen and achieve great results.
System 4 - Dominate the Big Box Gym Scene
Learn how to get clients interested in your services and close sales like a champ.

System 5 - Building your business website
Learn how to build a website that people will be able to find to learn about your business

System 6 - Internet Marketing
Learn how to use the internet to get more clients including social media and facebook advertising
System 7 - Video Promotion
Learn how to put together professional and effective promo videos to display your services.

System 8 - Understanding Business Ownership
Taxes, business formation, insurance, banking, billing. These are all essential to a successful business. Learn about it all here.

System 9 - Training in a Park
Most trainers start their first bootcamp in the park. We will go over the most cost effective equipment and how to use it.
System 10 - Getting Your Own Facility
The goal is for you to have your own indoor
facility. In this section, we will go over how 
to get the most bang for your buck, how
to get your first facility and grow from there.

System 10 -Getting your own facility
The goal is for you to have your own indoor facility. In this section, we will go over how  to get the most bang for your buck, how to get your first facility and grow from there.
There is SO MUCH other certifications forget to teach you!
*ACE, NASM, NSCA ALL require recertification every 2 years for $150+

You will get access to the Dumbbells to Dollars course FOR LIFE
with no additional fees!

Getting clients will be as easy as turning on a light switch.

Our facebook advertising section will fill up your semi-private, small group, or bootcamp services FAST. 

When you need more clients, turn your campaign on. When you can't handle any more clients, turn it off!

Read the real success stories of some of our certified Fitness Business Specialists
Kaylla Shumann
Body Best Fit

Jonathan has taught me everything from how to perform specific exercises to how to build my own website and much more! To be honest, this course helped me more than my NASM certification did. I highly highly recommend this to any personal trainer looking to expand their knowledge and fitness business.
CJ Williams
Body Upgrade Fitness

Bootcamp has definitely grown from have 3 or 4 people in a small room to now having 15 or 20 people in my own facility. I would not be where I am if it wasn't for the foundation that Jonathan's course provided for me.
Jordan Thurston
Vitality Obstacle Fitness

The Dumbbells to Dollars course was a huge help for me. I was able to start my first bootcamp which helped me to develop my obstacle course fitness business. This course gave me the structure I needed to offer a great service to a lot of people to grow my business. 
Tom Hough
Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp

I train at Rowlett Fit Body Bootcamp. The Dumbbells to Dollars course is a fantastic resource for anyone that runs a boot camp. Jonathan shows you everything you need to put in place to be  successful in step by step lessons. This course is also great for folks that already have a fitness business and can be used as a great resource for new workouts ideas and topics for running your business. I find this information extremely valuable and am very delighted with my purchase. The value in this package far exceeds the cost of the course. If you are considering purchasing this course just do it. You will not be disappointed.
Is the Personal Trainer Lifestyle Burning you out?
Is being a personal trainer wearing you out?
Added Bonus!
Get all the education of a traditional personal training certification with my FREE CPT Study Guide
Value: $699
Yours for FREE with your order
Are you studying for your Personal Training Certification?

Get the information you would normally have to pay $599 for with the study guide that I created to help trainers pass their personal training certification exams. Don't wait until you're certified to get the Dumbbells to Dollars Course. Make sure you pass you exam with this awesome resource. It will cover:

• All Major Body Systems and their functions        
  (skeletal, respiratory, muscular, nervous)
• Bioenergetics and metabolism
• Human Movement Science
• Fitness Assessments
• Flexibility Training
• Core Training
• Balance Training
• Muscular Imbalance
• Nutrition
• PT Program Design

Added Bonus #2
Offer automated, color-coded, fitness profile sheets 
with the FitProCalulator. 
Value: $99
Yours for FREE with your order
Give yourself an unfair advantage over your competition
This web app will allow you to take a fitness profile for your clients and instead of having to print out your form and save paper, clients will have their profiles sent automatically to their email addresses.  
You will be able to keep easy to understand records for life that will recommend clients to come back and update their measurements. If you need a powerful tool to increase sales, and retention, this is it!
So Here Is What You're Getting With This Certification
Master level education on training - $699
Nutrition Coaching and nutrition contest framework - $399
Business Management (creation, taxes, management) - $999
Website Building and Coding - $299
SEO training and social media training - $299
Facebook Advertising - $4,999
CEUs for your personal training certification - $249
Access to our private facebook mastermind group - $100
Business tools - Contracts • Waivers • Rate Sheets  etc. - $500
Closing Tools – FitProCalculator - $100
Total Value - $8643
3 Months Salary for Most Personal Trainers
Total Cost - ONLY $97
Less than the cost of 3 Personal Training Sessions
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
There are a lot of gimmicks and courses out there that will make promises that they can’t keep. I am 100% dedicated to elevating the quality of life for fitness professionals all over the world.

Now I am giving you everything I know. I’m not going to let you waste $2000 on a bootcamp license or $10,000 on a franchise fee. You will learn how to dominate sales in your gym and build your business. I am so confident that this is the only course you’ll ever need to build your fitness business that I’m offering you a 30 day money back guarantee. If after 30 days, you feel that this course along with my personal input isn’t enough to help you build a 6 figure business and save thousands of dollars along the way, and you haven’t yet used the CEU’s for your recertification. I will give you a full refund.. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!